Which Dog Breed Matches Your Character?

Which Dog Breed Matches Your Character?

They say your dog’s personality is a reflection of yours and we think that couldn’t be more accurate!
Dog breeds have different characters and even if you don’t intend to find your perfect match, you might find yourself attracted to a dog because of something that corresponds to your personality.

The beautiful thing about dogs and their different breeds and different characters, is that no matter what you do or what your lifestyle and personality are like, there is a dog out there just for you!

1 Introverts

Some people think that people who enjoy quality time alone are better off with cats and that it as a strong point in the cats vs dogs dilemma.

However, some dog breeds are perfect for people who enjoy their own company such as Siberian Huskies, English Mastiff dogs and to some extent French Bulldogs.

2 Creatives

Creative people who are open to new experiences and enjoy different forms of art tend to opt to dog breeds that match their characters.
They might opt for the Border Collie breed for its intelligence or even for a Cockapoo breed that is a breed with the mixture of both emotion and intelligence.

3 Real-Life Superheroes

We all have one or two people in our life, who are the embodiment of superpowers. They are the ones you call in tough situations and can always count on, no matter what.

Those people deserve a Dog breed that matches their character and their gifts. Great Danes and Rough Collies are the equivalent of superheroes in dog breed language. They are well trained and obey commands and can be trained to deal with emergency health-related situations or to protect homes from intruders.

4 Drama Queens

People who cry at movies and need a moment when they’re ‘in their feels’ can find their match in some big-hearted breeds.

The Afghan hound and The Akita are two of the most sensitive breeds so don’t be surprised if you find them wrapped in their humans in a huge cry-ball.

5 Fitness is life

Fitness enthusiasts and athletics need a dog breed that can keep up with them, quite literally.

Greyhounds are the fastest dog breed in the world and contrary to popular beliefs, they’re not too hyperactive. Boxer Breeds and Dalmatians are also enthusiastic for any physical activity.

6 Social Butterflies

Easy going people who are just simply fun to be around can get along with most dog breeds.

Dogs are generally social but the friendliest and most social breeds have got to be the Golden Retrievers and surprisingly Poodles.
One might think that Poodles are slightly stuck up because of their posh look, but they’re in fact one of the most playful and family-friendly breeds.

7 Couch Potatoes

Some people just prefer the idle life and would like a dog that wouldn’t mind sitting around and doing nothing with them.

Bulldogs are a breed that appreciate a good nap and demand the least amount of exercise to stay healthy. Also, a Chow Chow dog makes a great slouching buddy with its reserved and calm nature to the point that it’s often compared to cats!

Put in mind that all dogs require exercise to stay healthy and happy but these breeds are fine with the occasional walk and playtime and won’t be running any marathons soon.

8 Goofballs

People who enjoy a good laugh will appreciate a dog with sillier tendencies that can make them chuckle out loud.

Boxers and Corgis are the goofiest dog breeds that are loved by their owners and are always entertaining to their houseguests. These breeds’ personalities definitely match their looks that radiate energy, activity and playfulness.

Let us know in the comments: which dog do you feel matches your personality?

Whichever dog you end up choosing, know that it will be a joyful addition to your household.

If you’re both a dog-person and a cat-person, you don’t have to compromise. Find out how to raise both of your furry friends in the same household!

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