How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

New Pet owners are often torn between choosing cats or dogs as their first pet, but once they do they’re met with a new challenge, which is choosing the right dog breed that suits their personality.

It’s true that every dog has its own unique personality, but there are some stereotypes and common characteristics that some breeds often display, making it possible to find out which dog breed matches your character.

However, the character isn’t the only factor to take into consideration when choosing the breed of your new furry friend, and here are a few factors to put in mind while making that choice.

1. Think of the size

If you live in a small space, then it’s best to opt for smaller dog breeds as big ones will need more space. However, put in mind that smaller dogs are more vulnerable to the cold and it’s best to keep them in a warmer environment. Also, contrary to popular beliefs, they’re actually harder to train.

Big dogs can cause a lot of household damage and possible injury to themselves if they’re kept in a furniture-packed environment. They also cost more as they’ll need more dog food and supplies.

2. Choose the right age

While puppies are without a doubt, absolutely adorable. They need owners with a more flexible schedule, free time, and patience as they’ll require a long process of training. Puppies are also harder to find if you make the responsible choice of adopting and not shopping.

3. Consider activity level

Fortunately, not all dog breeds require you to be athletes in order to give them the proper level of physical activity they need.

While exercise is a major component to make your dog look and feel more happy and healthy, it’s important to know that not all dogs are high-energy and some would prefer moderate-intensity playtime sessions instead of vigorous long runs.

4. Keep it Family-Friendly

There are some dog breeds that just go along better with families and are a lot more friendly in the presence of children. The Golden and Labrador Retrievers are very smart, kind, loyal, and family loving breeds that are known for their loving nature.

This of course, can vary from a dog to another according to his history and own personality but generally speaking, there are some breeds that are more family friendly than others.

5. Think about intelligence

Not all dogs are more responsive to advanced training and capable of doing complex tricks and that’s okay, we love our unintelligent breeds as well.

Still, if you’re looking for a dog that can perform complex tricks and obey advanced orders then you need to take that in consideration when choosing a dog breed.
Some dog breeds aren’t very… bright as others.

Now that you’ve decided on a breed, find out where you can adopt your new best friend from your nearest shelter here.

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