Monitor Your Dog Exercise With This Activity Tracker

Monitor Your Dog Exercise With This Activity Tracker

Communicating with our pets is rather difficult, and understanding their every need is hard to know. Nut with this devise, you can better understand your pet’s behaviour and health.

This Smart Pet Activity tracking device monitors and tracks movements, emotions, and health conditions in addition to both short and deep sleep intervals with a calorie expenditure indicator built-in to the application.

  • Bluetooth device tracks sleep, calories, activity and moods
  • Lightweight, small, durable and water-resistant design
  • 6 month battery life
  • Combine this device with any pet kit fresh Bowl to Track calorie Consumption and calories burned
  • Cloud based and compatible on all android and iOS devices

You can find it here

The application is available for download on all Android and IOS devices. The PetKit P2 is composed of a modern and durable circular water resistant and aluminum outer-shell with an included dual rubberized connector piece meant to secure onto all sized collars and harnesses.

It collects activity data right into the cloud and onto your smart phone device. It features a 3D monitor capable of sustaining a 4-month to 6-month battery life depending on usage.

You can find it here

The application is social active further allowing users to chat with other users and share, like and post photos or videos. This application also features a built-in calendar which further enables users to set medical, feeding, grooming, deworming, vaccination, Deflea among other reminders and onto your smart phone device.

The application also tracks food consumption for those users whom have purchased any PetKit Fresh Smart Bowl.

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