5 Dog Interactive Feeding Toys

5 Dog Interactive Feeding Toys

New dog interactive feeding toys and puzzles will provide your dog with physical and mental activities.

Today, pets are living a life of abundance. They have luxurious items like Pupper cups and Pawtisseries by Maison de Pawz. They get fresh food delivered, like Pet Plate and The Farmer’s Dog. Compared to how animals in the wild live, pet quality of life are much better.

Despite the cons, we must expect a stress reduction. Removing tasks from the dog’s life is not enough and they may then find other means to occupy themselves.

Benefits of Dog Interactive Feeding Toys

  • Avoid digestive issues from eating too quickly
  • Mentally stimulate your dog.
  • Keep a dog company while they are left home alone
  • Encourage physical activity as they attempt to extract the food.
  • Boost a picky eater’s interest in meals.
  • Giving a dog an outlet for chewing


1. Jolly Pets Tough Tosser

The treat ball is a treat ball with multiple green spaces on its surface where you can put pieces of kibble.

  • Made of durable bouncy rubber
  • Great for medium to large sized dogs
  • Helps clean teeth and gums while chewing
  • You can fill it with kibble, treats
  • Easy to clean- top rack dishwasher safe!
  • Super Bouncy!

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2. Ethical Pet Geo Play Ball

You can entice your pup using this stuffable ball, which will keep your dog entertained especially when paired with Wellness Core Pure Rewards.

  • Rubber/foam textures
  • Geometric designs with squeaker
  • Great for all dog age and size

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3. West Paw Toppl

West Paw Toppl keeps your dog entertained and challenged. You can pack this toy with wet dog food, yogurt, pumpkin puree, treats, and kibble – anything that your pup would enjoy eating!

  • Great to play fetch, tug-o-war, and chew therapy
  • Keeps the treats with its inner ridges and tips over to keep dogs entertained and challenged, interlock the two sizes
  • Very easy to clean at home — just pop it on dishwasher.

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4. Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat

The Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat is made of natural rubber and looks like a flying saucer. The two pieces fit together to allow you to adjust the challenge for your dog. It’s great for treats and soft foods.

  • Two pieces twist together to hold your dog’s favorite food or treats
  • Adjustable
  • Natural Rubber
  • Easy cleaning

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5. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Bowl

Slow feeder bowls give a dog the feeling of their normal bowl but also forces them to eat around the divots and walls. This slows down their feeding process significantly.

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If you agree that the benefits of using food stuffable toys are compelling, make the switch today. With many fantastic options available to pet owners, there’s no reason for your friend to eat out of a boring food bowl again!

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