5 Smart Dog Toys that will Keep your Dog Tired

5 Smart Dog Toys that will Keep your Dog Tired

Always on your toes wondering which next item your pup will munch on? One of the biggest worries of us fur parents is when our pups are left alone and go crazy! They need stimulation — mentally and physically — else; CHAOS!.

Interactive dog toys get your pet’s attention and keep them occupied. This prevents boredom and lets you go home to a liveable house after working hours! 

These are the best that can help you stay at ease while being away from home.

1. Dog Treat Puzzle

The best way to keep your pup distracted is with treats. Encourage your dog to play and try to get his treats with a dog treat puzzle. 

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2. Interactive Treat Dispenser

Food-dispensing dog toys could help you accomplish your goal of having your pet’s attention in one place. The mental and physical stimulation decreases the chances of your dog developing boredom and can avoid barking and chewing.

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3. Dog Poker Box

Channel your dog’s curiosity and intelligence into the dog poker box. This toy is designed to hold treats, and your dog will have to figure out how to get to them. 

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4. Dog Digging Toy

Regardless of the time of the day or he may be; outdoor, in the sofa, bed, floor, etc., you might notice your doggos just suddenly digging! They just love to dig. It doesn’t matter what breed, age, gender; dogs are just into digging!

So clearly, it’s time to find an alternative to keep them busy and distract them from their urge and still a positive outlet through which to express their natural digging and foraging behaviors.

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5. Dog Snuffle Mat

Specifically made to entice dogs into sniffing and foraging!

Snuffle Mats create a space where treats are easily hidden and your dogs have to use their best noses to sniff them out!.

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