Adventure Tails – Wadi Sulfur

Adventure Tails – Wadi Sulfur

We’ve been publishing places for you to explore in this lovely UAE weather that we currently have – and this around our friends Mena & Ginger takes us to a gorgeous bouldering wadi area in Fujairah.

Wadi Sulfur Fujairah 

Easy 4 KM Hike

One of our favorite places to explore. 

It’s a wadi walk that includes some fun bouldering that we love. For low confidence dogs this might be a challenge, but a good challenge, so take the time to help your dog overcome each boulder.

At the beginning of the hike, you will find many pools that are just gorgeous. Their coloration comes from the Sulfur. Ginger swam and drank from this pools and nothing happened to her (no vomit or diarrhea) but if your dog has a sensitive stomach or skin you might want to avoid them going in. 

After the pools, the fun bouldering starts. Always check your dog paws after each boulder, they sometimes can rip a nail in the process of jumping. Around 2.5 KM in through the hike, there is a big hole that Ginger easily finds her way around – but my fear of bad balance doesn’t allow me to continue (one day we will conquer that hole 🤣).

So, I can’t really say how the rest of the trail is (the full loop is 8km). But still worth it! 

The trail is very well marked with stone towers and yellow arrows. There is lots of tall vegetation in this wadi so after the hike check for ticks! 

Enjoy and good hikes 🙂

Do you know of any pet-friendly areas that we can explore? Why don’t you share with us your hiking spots for other pawrents to visit as well.

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