Adventure Tails - Hike With Ginger

Adventure Tails – Hike With Ginger

Cool breeze and some nice sunshine – now is the season to explore the outdoors. And we have the perfect recommendation from our friends Mena & Ginger.

Samar Trail – Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah

Difficulty: Moderate, 6.5 KM Hike 

The trail starts nice and easy on the dog’s paws. After approximately 3 KM the uphill part starts and will continue until you reach about 5 KM for some amazing views at the highest point of this hike (798 M).

When the uphill starts the path also starts to get a little more tricky for the fewer experience paws. Keep an eye on your dog, he might be stopping because his paws are hurt. 

The path is very well marked and obvious. Look for the white and red signs along the way 🙂 You can always check wikiloc as well for extra safety. 

We saw goats many times during the hike, so if you have a hunting dog always be aware of your surroundings in order to put your dog on the lead.

Some parts of the path are near small cliffs, so make sure you trust your dog’s recall and balance before you take him off lead.

Enjoy and have good hikes ☺

Mena & Ginger

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