A Guide into Having A Dog in Dubai

A Guide into Having A Dog in Dubai

Being a dog owner in Dubai, there are certain rules that all pet parents must follow. In this guide we take you through everything that you need to know, along with the do’s and don’ts of being a pet owner.

How to Register and Vaccinate your dog in Dubai

All the dogs in the UAE are expected to be registered and vaccinated. Registration is valid for a year and you must renew your pet’s vaccinations yearly.

If your dog isn’t vaccinated or registered, and found by the authorities they will be treated as strays and confiscated.

Always keep your dog on leash

The law states that all dogs in Dubai must be leashed at all times. Walking a dog off-lead is illegal, and there are many places to exercise your dog but the dogs need to be leashed at all times – unless it’s a dog park where you can have your dog off leash.

Pet-friendly apartment in Dubai

If the tenancy contract for your home doesn’t state that pets are allowed – you are most likely to attract a fine from authorities and might receive a warning, to either remove the pet from your home or move out of the building. 

This is why it is always best to make sure that your building does accept pets before signing a lease and moving in.

You can check out our list of pet-friendly areas here to help you out.

Clean up after your Dog

You should always clean up after your dog, during walks. You will find bins  placed conveniently around the city that you can use to put away your dog waste, especially in pet-friendly areas such as Dubai Marina and JVC.

Dog Boarding & Daycare

If you’re travelling outside and have no place to leave your dog to, make sure to find a trusted boarding home and visit the location first!

It’s always good to know that you’re leaving your pets in a safe hand and in a place that they would be comfortable in.

We’ve got the list of boarding places for you to check out here.

If you think that these dog rules seem extremely restrictive, they are rooted in a concern for public safety. Dogs are not as common in Dubai as in other parts of the world, which makes people scared and unsure around them.

However, perceptions have changed over time and even the emirates is pushing for more dog-friendly environments.

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Many pet festivals and events are also on the rise to  attract people from all backgrounds, educating them and giving pets a chance to find their place in the sun of Dubai.

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