What to know when looking for a dog trainer in UAE

What to know when looking for a dog trainer in UAE

With busy schedules, sometimes it’s hard to train our dogs ourselves, especially if you are a new pet parent.

Here is where a dog trainer comes into the picture; whether you choose them to be trained by having them go to classes or arrange private sessions in which you can both do it together to resolve your dog’s behavioral concern. 

And boy! Choosing the right dog trainer can be a difficult decision.

Now, let’s start with what exactly should you look for? Here are our tips to help you pick the one that is best for you and your furbaby!

The most important choice in hiring a dog trainer

First, you should know what it is exactly that you’d want your dog to learn. Some trainers don’t do rehabilitation, others don’t do obedience work, and of course, others do both. Having the right training will make it easier for you and your pup.

Training method

Positive reinforcement or reward-based methods are one of the most efficient types of training. Reward-based dog training is based on either giving a reward or withholding a reward. Unlike other aversive methods that use electric shock, prong collars, leash ‘corrections’, ‘alpha rolls’ or the like has risks which include making the dog aggressive or fearful, these may develop traumas and serious problems that may take a long time to fix. 

Choosing a dog trainer with positive reinforcement methods needs research to make sure that this is exactly the method they are using. Also, make sure the trainer includes you as part of the training process. 

Now that you’ve settled on the type of training that you expect your furbaby would attend, what are the other criteria that we need to keep in mind?

Dog Trainer Qualifications!

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer and there are many gifted dog professionals out there who aren’t certified; But! Dog training is a skilled profession, and of course, requires knowledge. Timing, understanding a dog’s body language, understanding learning theory, good people skills (to be able to explain it all to dog owners in a way they can understand), Just to name a few that are expected from an experienced and effective trainer.

Certification also makes a trainer accountable to some basic standards and guidelines, which you can research

Dog Trainer Reviews/Referrals!

To know more about the trainer that you’re hoping to leave your pups to look into reviews or ask for referrals! Ask if you can talk to a couple of his or her previous clients with experience, they can give you an idea of the trainer’s methods, reliability, and willingness to follow through with the training.

Now, as everyone is all over social media to show their craft and work, you can check the trainer’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where they share interesting articles, photos, and videos of their client’s dogs to identify a good dog trainer. Comments are good customer testimonials in this case! It’s all about the reviews!

The good ones will surely have tons of pawsitive comments from clients.

Dog Training Prices and Packages 

At the final step of knowing if the trainer is the right fit for your doggo, a consultation is a must; this is where you assess them first hand and they can point out the behavioral problem and will devise a plan to resolve it. And typically trainers charge more on the consultation or have it as a package with the training classes.

Prices depend on the number of classes you take, the duration, and the type of classes that you enroll your pups into. As dog training is usually a trained professional, they have taken the time to educate themselves, gain experience, join a professional organization and stay up-to-date. You are paying for their expertise and so their rates should be set accordingly.

Some dog trainers have their prices on their websites. If not, don’t be afraid to contact them and find out how much they charge.

Now you go and get that trainer that’s meant for your pup! 

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We would love to know your experience if you happen to have your furbaby trained and share with us your experience by commenting below!

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