The Ultimate Guide to a furtastic getaway in Ras Al Khaimah

The Ultimate Guide to a furtastic getaway in Ras Al Khaimah

Ready for another furtastic getaway? Well, we’ve got the right city for you!

RAK has been very open to our fur babies and would love for you to visit its destinations. So here is our ultimate guide on spending the long weekend in Ras AL Khaimah with your dogs.

RAK Marjan Island
RAK Marjan Island

How to plan your day?

Get those bags packed and prepared for a day trip or two. As you set on that long drive, make sure to get your furbabies necessities packed.

As the long road of E311 is where you’d be driving on most of your way to RAK, look forward to sighting some Camels who love to say hi. You can stop by and take some pictures, but don’t get too distracted though, this is just half of your journey to get to your destination.

Where to stay?

RAK, with its varieties of accommodation, you can either go on the sassy or wild.

BM Beach Resort

At BM Beach Resort they have been the first in Ras Al Khaimah to allow dogs to stay, which is top news for pet fans.

 There are 48 pet-friendly rooms at the resort, as well as a dog-friendly outdoor and beach area, where you can play in the sand with your pooch.

 Dogs even get their own welcome pack on check-in. There are even dedicated refreshments in their dog-friendly bar too.

For some peace and quiet (or a swim) you can check your pet into the special pet-care centre or book them in for a pampering session.

 Know more from their page and plan that exciting trip!

RAK Glamping

At RAK Glamping they are giving families an exciting new city break holiday – of course, furs are welcome!

While there are a few hotels that allow dogs on their properties, there are always limitations in terms of the areas they can access. At RAK Glamping, all sociable dogs are welcome regardless of size.

With acres of running space, nature surrounds for fun and play. Although they won’t be able to run too far as the area is all fenced, it sure does give owners peace of mind.

For curious noses, there are wonderful walks and a Koi pond to splash around in. There’s also a pool available at the kennels that glamping dog guests are free to use, provided they are accompanied by their hooman.

 Although you’ll be staying in traditional designed Bedouin tents, there are plenty of comforts including a double bed, fridge, fan, microwave, a small majlis area outside, and more. There are also board games in each tent and plenty of tennis balls for a game of fetch!

Exciting isn’t it? Get to know more and begin planning that RAK Glamping experience.

Check out further details here

Places to visit?

Rak Welfare

A non-profit animal organization, Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre (RAK AWC) rehomes socialized, trained, and healthy cats and dogs. Offering a one-stop shop for all pet needs including a veterinary hospital, boarding, and pet shop.

They have a huge Dog Park! Where your furry friend can run off-leash!

RAK AWC also has an amazing bone shaped swimming pool in the Dog Park so you can give your doggies a refreshing break in this pawesome pool! He will love it!

Know more about them by setting that trip or check out their website for more details here

Where to eat?

Al Hamra yacht club restaurants

Being the most pet-friendly community not only in Ras Al Khaimah but also in the UAE. It’s easy to go with your feline and canine friends without complaints and sanctions. Not only this, you’ll see pet waste stations every few meters within the communities where you can clean up after them. However, to avoid any hassles among other residents and to ensure safety and cleanliness there are few rules that you need to follow.

Your top choices of café and restaurants would be:

Marina Muse

Having all the ingredients to relax the mind and entice the palate. Perfectly situated overlooking the picturesque Al Hamra Bay, Marina Muse combines a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere with a charming selection of bites and fine dining delights tasty.

A new and inspired menu has been created, with the right mix of traditional and modern classics from around the world with weekly specials & beverage offers.

Bread & Barrel

With a pleasant atmosphere, and themed nights on most nights of the week (quizzes, karaoke nights, band nights, and open mic nights), you’d surely settle right in and have a guaranteed lovely night out by the marina.

Tucano coffee

Enjoy the highest quality coffee, with the richness of aroma and taste. The food, ambiance, colors, view —overlooking the water, will surely give you that feeling of relaxation after that long drive.

 Adventures with your dog?

Jebel Jais for hiking

Being a dog-owner in Dubai, you may feel like you’ve exhausted all of the usual dog walking routes around the city, so why not take ‘walkies’ to the next level with a hike in the rocky terrain of Ras Al Khaimah as this is a rather difficult trail which is split into the lower and higher section of the mountain, more preparation and communication with the local authorities of groups is required before you head on out with this activity.

Visit their website to get more details:

Al Hamra public beach

RAK has been one of the cities that can be called our pooches’ backyard for generally most, if not all, beaches in the emirate of RAK are dog-friendly. And for most residents, Al Hamra public beach is a go-to place to hang out with your pooch to enjoy a swim!

Marjan Island: cycling or scooter 

Marjan Island is the first man-made island in Ras Al Khaimah, inside the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. The island is set against the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Peninsula

With a 4.5Km running track, you can have a long walk or a jog with your dogs. You can also rent a bicycle or an electric scooter and have your furry friend running next to you. As a plus, you will also find some secret beach spots so you can have a quick swim and a few pictures with your doggie.

Bear Grylls

The Bear Grylls Explorers Camp in Ras Al Khaimah allows you to connect with the great scenic outdoors, the wild, and enjoy a camp experience.

It is run by a team of professionals trained by famous British adventurer Bear Grylls. Read our previous blog about Bear Grylls here.

And no trip would be complete without our furbabies, so dedicated cabins for pawrents are arranged with a maximum of 2 dogs per cabin.

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