4 Places You Can go Camping With Your Dog

4 Places You Can go Camping With Your Dog

With temperatures dipping, it’s the perfect time to go camping with your dog. It’s an experience that can really bring you close to your furry companion in a whole new way.

It can be a fun activity for you and your pet, so here are some camping sites in UAE where you can enjoy with your dog

Spots where you can go camping with your dog in the UAE:

1. Saraya Island

Picture by missionoffroad.com

Saraya Island is one of your favorite spots, where you can enjoy camping and go swimming with your furbabies, and another plus point is that you can go there with a sedan!

To access Saraya Island (located at 25°53’08.6″N 56°00’57.7″E), cross the bridge at the north end of Al Rams town, taking note of the warning sign indicating it is a military base camp. Once you cross the bridge, turn left and continue driving until you reach the end of the island where you can find a suitable spot.

On the right side, you’ll find an open sea with over 20 sandy beaches separated by man-made stone spits. On the left, there’s a long narrow bay with views of villas and buildings on the mainland, and a beautiful mountain range in the background

Camping at Saraya Island

Saraya Island is a popular location for campers, as overnight camping, fishing, and crabbing are permitted. The clean and calm water is perfect for swimming and activities like stand-up paddleboarding.

On weekends, the island may become crowded and noisy with people enjoying off-road vehicles. Horseback riding is also a popular activity on the island, as there is a stable on the island. Visitors may also encounter camels, which belong to a local farm

2. Mahafiz

This place is just further down Sharjah before you reach the Mleiha area and it’s a perfect spot for camping amongst the stars.

3. Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is one of the best family beach campsites along the coastline of Fujairah where you can bring your furry friends too!

Fact: The island got its name from the famous comic character, Snoopy – as it looks like the character in aerial view.

4. Moreeb Dunes – Liwa

This camping in Abu Dhabi leads you to a road that gives 2WD drivers the chance to explore the dunes, from the safety of a proper road, and many parks up in a layby and carry their camping gear a little bit away from the road.  

Always bring all the necessities for your fur babies like food, water, waste bags, led collars (as it gets really dark), and make sure to keep them on leash so that they don’t run off and get lost!

Share your snaps with us if you ever go camping at these sites and enjoy the winter season and do not forget to read: Hiking with your Dogs – Starter Pack

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