Pet Food Delivery and Subscription Box

Pet Food Delivery and Subscription Box

Our furballs diet is as important as ours. And if you need options for them, you can check out these foods subscription boxes:

Raw Cut

No matter the size or breed, we always want our pets to be in peak condition and care about what he/she eats. As a balanced diet forms the basis for a healthier pet Rawcut is here to help!

Their food is made fresh and natural, striking the right balance between muscle meat, bones, organs, and vegetables.

Using only meat from farm-raised animals approved for human consumption, grounded and mixed with organic vegetables, vitamins, and minerals mix made from organic trace elements! No preservative, thickening, or coloring agents are added.

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Empowering pet parents by providing convenient access to top-quality nutrition and natural products that will enable their pets to live a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.

Being fed conventionally manufactured, high-quality, dry kibble mixed with wet pet food; we should be aware of the additives, preservatives, and a host of other unnatural substances found in their food.

Furthermore, all of their meals meet and exceed multiple international standards, AAFCO, FEDIAF, and NRC for all life stages.

Furchild meals, treats and bones, and natural products give animal lovers the power to transform their pets’ lives for the better.

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PAWDEGA was founded because for you to finally be able to shop truly safe and non-toxic pet products all in one place!

Delivering health and happiness, so you can be worry-free! Customizable to your pet’s needs. Receive your order weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as you wish.

You can check out their products from their page


Tummy delivers ready-to-serve, freshly made meals that are customized according to your dog’s nutritional needs.

Ther food is prepared in human-grade kitchen facilities in the UAE with sourced ingredients cooked at low temperatures to retain the nutrients while getting rid of the bacteria.

The tasty meals will arrive frozen-ready to pop in the freezer. *They will last up to 4 months unopened. * After you put your packs in the refrigerator, the food will be good to serve for up to 3 days.

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Nom Nom

Every Nom Nom meal is made in a Nom Nom kitchen that only makes Nom Nom.
They carefully source each ingredient that goes into meals based on three principles. First — you guessed it — is nutrition. Secondly, all ingredients come from trusted and reliable U.S. growers and suppliers.

Finally, whenever possible, food is sustainably-sourced and to ensure zero food waste in their facilities.

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