5 Important Dog Hiking Tips and a Few More

5 Important Dog Hiking Tips and a Few More

What’s the best way to enjoy a bright summer day? Go hiking with your dog. Getting out of the house and exploring nature is something humans and their four-legged friends enjoy doing together. 

Below are some helpful, important, and essential tips for dog hiking trips to keep your pawsome hiking buddy happy and safe. 

1. Do your research

Before you leave your house with your dog for a hike, make sure you have done the research. The trail you choose should be suitable for not only you but also your dog. You can find our recommendations here: Pet Friendly Adventures in Dubai

You probably know that some national parks do not allow dogs while some state parks will even limit the trails that allow dogs. Also, know the trail you have chosen so you can prepare accordingly. 

2. Apply leash laws

Most dog-friendly trails require your furry friend to be on a leash. Be prepared with the right leash requirement for your chosen trail. The trail may have designated off-leash areas, but your dog should be under voice control. 

3. Make sure your dog is wearing a tag

We are not saying that you and your pawsome little friend will get separated, but you never know. Just in case both of you do end up losing each other even if just for a moment, a tag on your dog will help in the reunion if they are found by another hiker. 

Pet tag for your pup is always a great idea, as it ensures the return of your dog to you. Buy one from here

4. Clean up after your dog

Taking your furiend on a hike involves a lot of responsibility including cleaning up after them. Keep multiple bags with you so if your trail doesn’t have designated doggy poop stations, you can clean your doggo’s poop traces.  

I’m sure you’ve heard the rule that what comes in must come out. Leaving no trace means cleaning up after your doggo. Be prepared and pack multiple bags with you as a lot of trails do not have doggy poop stations.

5. Bring treats and water

Since dogs aren’t able to sweat like humans, they are at a higher risk of overheating. Make sure you have fresh water with you so your furry bundle of cuteness doesn’t drink out of puddles or streams as that water could be contaminated. 

You can use collapsible water dishes, so the storage is easily manageable, and you can offer food and water to your dog easily. You can find our recommended dog water bottle here

A few other hiking tips that might help you are;

  • Bring your pup’s favorite toy
  • Do not forget proper footwear
  • Take pet insect repellent
  • Remember pet first aid kit with you
  • Keep an eye on your dog
  • Take frequent breaks

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