How to protect your dog from Dubai summer heat

How to protect your dog from Dubai summer heat

Summer is just around the corner and the temperature is rising significantly, of course, this affects how to protect your dog from Dubai summer heat as we may have to make some changes for them to stay comfortable and safe during this time. Not all pets are can adjust to the weather as we do and the care that we give them when the temperatures change may affect their health.

Living in the UAE, we’ve witnessed how the weather can be so unkind! And yes, the time has come! And we have yet to live another experience of this summer heat.

 Being a Pet-owner outdoors has always been the best playground for our furry ones, however, summer is a whole other topic as there are some risks in exposing them to the scorching heat even for a short time. And One of the many things we need to consider is when you choose to walk your dog. As walks are already part of their daily exercise, we need to be mindful of precautionary steps to consider before letting them out.

With different breeds and sizes, they all have different tolerances to the heat. The temperatures are at their highest during the midday until before the sunsets. So, it’s best that you walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening. This doesn’t only ensure that the temperatures are lower, but it will also mean that the ground has had time to cool so that it is comfortable for your dog to walk on.

The outdoors are not entirely impossible! Of course, it isn’t, who would have the heart to take that fun away from them!

But, better prepared than sorry!

As fellow pet owners, here are a few suggestions on how to help keep your doggos cool!

5 things you need to protect your dog from Dubai summer heat

1. Dog shoes for hot pavement

As the roads trap so much heat, walking while the sun is out is unbearable. Before walks, test out the pavements by placing the back of your hand against the ground and holding it there. If it is too hot to hold it there for five seconds, then it is too hot for your canine, and like how we can even feel it while wearing shoes, what more would those bare paws feel?

Another precautionary move during walks would be by using dog shoes, not only would they look stylish and cute, but it reduces the chances of them having paw burns!

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2. Chill out bandana

Under that thick layer of fear is heat trapped in their bodies, not only natural heat but the heat from their walks. The bandana helps provide instant cooling relief, that keeps your dog looking and feeling cool

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3. Pet Cooling Vest

Like the bandana, the vest also helps with relief from the heat, but with more coverage.

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4. Cooling dog Matt

Whether it’s at home, in the car, or even outdoors, you should always make sure to keep your dog cooled in this weather. This Regulates the body temperature of your doggo and Helps them to keep cool on hot days.

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5. Dog portable water bottle

During walks, you always take provisions with you, especially during the summer. It is easy for our doggos to get dehydrated when the weather is warm. A collapsible water bowl and a bottle of fresh, cool water can make them feel fresh during walks.

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