How to be consistent in training your dog? How to make the time?

How to be consistent in training your dog? How to make the time?

Just like anything worthwhile, training your dog takes time and consistency. A lot of people who are raising dogs for the first time find it odd that their dog isn’t learning as fast as they thought. Some are quick to blame it on the dog’s nature while some focus too much on the wrong methodology. The answer to such issues is simpler than you’d think; it’s consistency.

Making the time to train your dog is the first step to stay consistent with the training. We’ll be posting a brief guide that should help you pick up the most essential tactics you can use to train your dog consistently, in addition to finding the time to do so.

Create a Proper Schedule

Most dog owners who find it hard to train their pups often say that they don’t have a lot of time to spend on training. And while that may be true, that often happens when there is no proper schedule put into place.

Designing a schedule that’s both consistent and efficient can help you focus on training, in addition to aiding you in carrying out most dog activities.
Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours training your dog because that’s not efficient, in general. The best routine consists of short sessions that you can fit into any busy schedule you have, not to mention that you’ll be able to know the best time to feed them, go on walks, and give them nap time.

A couple of 15-minute training sessions is more than enough to consistently manage training. We highly recommend creating a written schedule instead of mapping one out in your head.

Use Identical Communication

It’s not uncommon for new dog owners to fall into the mistake of using synonyms or syntax inconsistently with their dog commands. In your head, you may be pretty sure that you said the same thing, but you could’ve been using variable commands based on syntax the whole time.

Make sure to always use the same wording for commands. For example. “Sit” should always be “sit” if that’s the one you want, not “sit down”. Whichever command you use, try to stick with it.

Set House Rules

Similar to how people learn in childhood, pups can also become confused when caregivers give conflicting commands or rewards. This problem is pretty common in family households where the dogs aren’t able to completely understand what’s expected from them due to unclear instructions.

It’s important to create consistent rules that each member has to follow, in addition to informing visitors of any restrictions or rules they should follow while interacting with the dog. With enough time, the dog will be able to clearly follow commands.

It’s only natural to make a few mistakes when you’re trying to introduce consistency into your dog training sessions. What’s important is to learn from them and notice any patterns that could be making you unable to stay consistent for a while.

Time management and consistent rules are the keys to properly train your dogs. Learn more about House training Vs facility training.

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