Best 5 Cat Litter Box of 2022

Best 5 Cat Litter Box of 2022

Keeping a cat comes with a lot of litter box duty. Filling it, emptying it, and so on. However, those are a pet parent’s duties. The thing that matters the most is your cat’s comfort in using the best cat litter box. 

While litter boxes have a rather simple job of providing a dedicated place for your cat to relieve itself, different designs provide different advantages, like ease of access, round edges, etc. 

If you go to a pet shop, the variety of kitty litter boxes will send your mind spinning. You might still end up buying a litter box which doesn’t suit your cat. Therefore, it’s best if you thoroughly go through our carefully compiled list of the 5 best kitty litter boxes, before you make a purchase. 

It’s time to review the list. 

Without any further chit chat, let’s make our way through each litter box in turn, so you can assess each one better. 

Best Cat Litter Box in Dubai 2022

1. Best overall: Van Ness High-Sided Cat Litter Box

This is a basic litter box, which proves to be the best one overall, since it has high sides that keep the litter in the box, rather than its surroundings. The front wall is lower, so your cat can enter easily. The high-quality plastic promises durability, and keeps the litter box safe from your cat’s scratching. 

Key features: 

  • Safe and comfortable design
  • Easy to clean with mixture of soap and water 
  • Can be used by multiple cats because of its large size
  • Polished finish which is stain and odor resistant
Easy entryTakes much space
Large sizeNot training friendly
Durable plastic 
Easy to clean 

We are in love with this litter box, no matter how gross our fondness sounds, but the high-sides of this product prevent any mess outside the box, and any digging your cat does will keep the litter inside. 

2. Best value: Nature’s Miracle Disposable Cat Litter Box

While cat litter boxes are designed to be used long-term, you can opt for a disposable litter box which can be used and thrown away. These Nature’s Miracle cat litter boxes are eco-friendly, so you can throw them away without guilt. They come in multiple sizes. Made from baking soda, the odors are neutralized by these boxes. 

Key features: 

  • No shred or leak
  • Baking soda prevents odors
  • Made from re-cycled paper
Eco-friendlyNeed to be changed often
Multiple sizes available 

We love that you can use these boxes at home, or during travel, as these are disposable. These provide great bang for your buck. 

3. Best premium: Omega Paw Elite Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you aren’t worrying about the budget, go for this self-cleaning litter box. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? Not having to clean the litter all the time. It processes the waste as soon as your cat steps out of the box, and the litter is cleaned. The carbon-filtered waste drawer is where the waste is stored, until you empty it. 

Key features: 

  • The carbon filter prevents any odors from stinking your house up
  • The design doesn’t require scooping
  • Less frequent litter changes needed
  • Wifi control allows you to monitor it through an app on your phone
Usable by multiple cats 

We have our hearts set on this self-cleaning litter box. If money isn’t holding you back, wait no more and buy this advanced litter box for your feline friend. 

4. Best covered: Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

While some cats are okay with uncovered litter boxes, some don’t use them. They require hooded litter boxes. The Catit cat pan is the perfect option for such a cat. It provides privacy, and also contains any odors inside. The hood can be easily lifted for scooping or cleaning. 

Key features: 

  • A hood that can be lifted
  • A carbon filter helps remove odors 
  • Large enough for bigger cats or multiple cats
Large sizeWorks best if the plastic door is attached
Bag anchors 
Carbon filter 
Liftable hood 

We appreciate that this cat litter box comes with a plastic door that you can attach, which makes it ideal to keep the odors in. 

5. Best top entry: Petmate Top Entry Cat Litter Box

This one’s for your household if you have cats as well as dogs (or one of each). Dogs are known for breaking into the cat’s litter boxes. This disturbs the feline, and also makes a mess. Having a top-entry litter box keeps your doggo from entering it. The textured top is made to remove the litter from your cat’s paws as it jumps out. 

Key features: 

  • Easily removable lid allows convenient scooping or cleaning 
  • Keeps dogs from entering the litter box
  • Prevents any mess being made outside the litter box
Top entryNot liked by all cats
Dog-proofDifficult for senior cats to use
Lid comes off  
Textured top  

This is a good option to keep your dog from invading your cat’s private area. However, some cats may not be fond of the enclosed design. Other senior cats might find it hard, or even impossible to get in using the top entry. 

That was quite a lot of information about cat litter boxes. Hadn’t you been a cat parent, you probably would never had acquired such in-depth knowledge about something that matters to little felines. LOL. 


1-    What are the types of litter boxes?

Some main types are traditional, hooded, and automatic litter boxes. 

2-    Which size is ideal for your cat’s litter box?

While most litter boxes feature a general size suitable for most cats, you should decide according to your specific requirements, e.g. a larger cat, or multiple cats. 

3-    Do the side walls of the litter box help?

They serve an immensely important purpose of keeping the litter inside, and thus not letting your house’s floor be messy. 

4-    How often should I change the litter?

If you have a conventional kitty litter box, you should change the litter every day, or at most, every alternate day. However, with self-cleaning litter boxes, the litter can go on longer. 

5-    What do I do if my cat refuses to use the litter box?

You can always try to attract your fur baby to its litter box using treats. You might have to change the litter box, and try a new design, to see if your cat likes that better. 

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