5 Best Cat Carrier of 2022

5 Best Cat Carrier of 2022

Are you anxious about travelling with your fur baby? Don’t you worry, we have got you. If you choose the best cat carrier, your travel with your cat would be a hundred times smoother and more fun. You would be able to enjoy the journey, without worrying about your cat being uncomfortable. 

Cat carriers have evolved over time, from just being plastic models, to now being made of comfortable materials, that are easy for you to carry, and equally pleasant for your cat to be in. 

We have critically evaluated a wide range of cat carriers, and made out top picks, which range from the best overall, to a budget option, and even a luxury one. Let’s have you take a look at the list.

Now that you have seen our carefully compiled list, it’s time to increase your knowledge about each of the above-mentioned cat carriers, so by the end of this, you can make a choice with your eyes closed. 

Best Cat Carrier in Dubai 2022

1. Best overall: Vceoa Carriers Soft-Sided Pet Carrier for Cats

This cat carrier ticks all the boxes, from ease of carriage, to durability, and breathability. It features breathable mesh fabric windows, on all four sides, providing for optimal visibility and proper airflow. It also has extremely durable zippers, and side pocket for storage. 

Key features: 

  • Made with high-quality material
  • Deluxe durable zippers
  • Pocket for storage 
  • Machine-washable woolen mat
Safe designMight not be accepted by all airlines
Adequate storage 
Machine washable mat 

We are huge fans of this design, and specially the woolen mat at the bottom, provides your cat a comfortable bedding while you are on the go with it. 

2. Best value:  Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport Cat Rolling Carrier

This option is perfect if you are on a tight budget. This cat carrier serves both, as a backpack, and a rolling carrier. It has a tether inside, and two storage pockets. The tether allows you to attach your cat’s harness. The handles can be stored out of the way, similar to that of a suitcase. 

Key features: 

  • Removable pad allows easy washing
  • Tether to secure your fur baby
  • Comfortable design and size
AffordableOnly one size
VersatileNot enough for larger cats
Side storage pouches 
Telescoping handles 

While we love the marriage of versatility and affordability in this cat carrier, we are bummed out about its weight restriction, and so your cat weighing more than 15 pounds cannot enjoy this cat carrier. 

3. Best Premium: Katziela Luxury Lorry Cat Carrier

If you are not held back by your budget, feel free to spend your savings on this luxury carrier. It is roomy, has mesh windows, and allows optimal airflow. There is no assembly required when you purchase this carrier. It is super comfortable, both for the cat, and the hooman, since the shoulder strap is padded, and you can always use its rolling feature. 

Key features: 

  • Owner-friendly features including storage pouches and name tag slot
  • Includes a rolling mechanism
  • Added security 
  • Airline approved cat carrier
Ample storage Expensive
Rolling mechanismFlimsy handle
Name tag slot 

This is a pricey option, but totally worth it due to its modern design. However, you should note that we don’t appreciate the weak carrying handle. Nonetheless, the rolling mechanism, and the very comfortable shoulder straps make up for it. 

4. Best expandable: Mr. Peanut’s Double Expandable Cat Carrier

This is cat carrier cum pop-up camper for your pawsome little friend. The sides can be expanded to add plenty of extra room. It provides comfort through the faux-fur lining, which is washable too. The padding on the shoulder makes it so convenient to carry your cat in this cat carrier. 

Key features: 

  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible, which allows easy storage
  • Made of durable material 
  • The sides are expandable 
Well-made design Only one size
Lots of storageMight be narrow for larger cats
Removable bedding 

PETWITHIT team loves this kitty carrier, which is sturdy, yet lightweight. You can remove and wash the bedding. The expandability will allow your furry friend to relax and even nap peacefully in the carrier.

5. Best view: Pet Gear VIEW 360 Cat Carrier

Who doesn’t like a 360-degree view of their surroundings? Surely cats do too. Designed with your cat’s comfort as the top priority, this carrier has a mesh top, which offers a complete view, along with remarkable air circulation. The fleece pad inside brings comfort for your cat.

Key features: 

  • Push-button closures 
  • Features a padded handle for conveniently carrying it
  • Your feline’s harness can be attached to the interior tether 
  • Includes a removable fleece liner, allowing it to be washed easily
Lots of room Not suitable for cats with claws
Mesh topOnly one size 
Padded handle 

We love that you can easily attach this carrier to the seat belt, without any tools. This ensures safety of your cat. However, since there are no zippers in the design, cats with claws might be able to fight their way out, or destroy the mesh top. 

After reading such extensive discussion about cat carriers, we are sure you want to buy one for your cat, pack your bags, and leave for a travel. You totally can. 


1-    How should I put my cat in the carrier?

While you can always take some time to train your feline friends to enter the carrier, by offering treats for example, if you don’t have the chance, you can put your cat inside yourself.

2-    How do I make my cat feel at ease in a cat carrier?

In the beginning, you should always take it slow. Place treats in the carrier. Allow your cat to explore it from the inside. Don’t expect your cat to accept everything at once.

3-    In a cat carrier, how crucial is ventilation?

t’s crucial. Your kitten will be more comfortable if the cat carrier has optimal airflow. You don’t want your pet to become suffocated or overheated while in the carrier.

4-    Are the pockets in the cat carrier useful?

Definitely. You don’t want to keep an extra bag on hand for your pet’s food, treats, leash, and other items. You can easily store the essentials in your cat carrier if it has a pocket or two.

5-    Should the cat carrier have roll-up curtains?

While not necessary if you live in a temperate climate, rolling curtains are useful when there is a cool breeze or direct sunlight.

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