7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Inside

7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Inside

Dogs love to go outside and pull us along with them as well. While their long walks and fun playtime sessions in the park are definitely tempting, sometimes the weather is just not on your side.

Whether it’s too cold or too hot, the weather doesn’t always agree with your plans to take your furry friend outside. It’s important to know how to tire out your pawed buddy without necessarily leaving the house.

Here are a few ways you can keep your dog active in the comfort of your own home.

7. Hide & Seek

Take a trip down memory lane and awaken your inner child with a game of hiding and seek! Tell your dog to stay in a room, go hide in another one, and then call him over. He will be extra happy when he sees you this time!

6. Indoor Swimming

You can make good use of your bathtub if it’s quite spacious or if your dog is small enough to make a splash in them. Your furry friend will get his paws and body moving in a fun creative way.

5.Laser Toys

Who says that cats are the only ones who enjoy a dancing red dot? Dogs seem to find laser toys quite amusing as well!

Laser toys are a great way to get your furry friend frantically running around the room without being forced to move a lot yourself.

4. Hide His Treats

Play hide and seek but with your dog’s treats! Scatter them around the house and let your dog sniff around to find them.

You can hide them behind curtains, under rugs, or on top of tables. Just remember to keep a note of where you’d kept them just so you can remove the ones he didn’t find later.

Your dog will be so tired out at the end of this scavenger hunt but he’ll also be very happy with his stomach filled with treats!

3. Keep Away

Keep away is a perfect game to play if you have housemates or live with your family.

The idea is that you take an object and throw it to the other person back and forth as your furry friend loses his mind trying to catch it.

It’s another way of exercising your dog without breaking a sweat yourself.

2. Fetch

There’s no reason you can’t play fetch inside, right? Well, you have to put aside anything breakable that can be flipped over and shattered.

However, if you’ve got a spacious living room then playing fetch is a great way to get your little friend moving.

1. Stairs

If you have stairs in your household, utilize them! Stairs are a good way too tired your dog easily.

Adding stairs to your game of fetch will work wonders on tiring your furry friend out and making sure he’s got enough exercise for the day.

No matter where you are, these simple games can help make sure your furry friend is getting the exercise he needs.

If you still need help with your dog’s favorite exercise, visit the list of trainers in UAE here.

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