5 Ways to Keep Your House Clean with A Dog

5 Ways to Keep Your House Clean with A Dog

One of the hardest things about being a dog parent is trying to keep your house clean. It can sometimes feel like a continuous struggle and you often find yourself cleaning a mess while another bigger mess is being simultaneously made in another part of the house.

There are many things that make keeping your house spotless in the presence of your little furry friend seem like an impossible mission. While it is quite tough, there are ways to make it happen.

These are some things that you should put in mind to keep your house spotless while getting to keep your little pup.

1. It starts at the entrance

Unlike most pets, dogs can’t always stay inside. They need to be taken on walks and need to get their share of exercise outside, which means that they’ll be bringing a lot of dirt from outside as well.

Make sure to have some sort of designated cleaning area by your entrance. Remove all the carpets and rugs from that space and keep easily accessible dog towels and wipes to clean their paws before they walk inside.

In muddier and colder times of the year, consider getting those adorable paws some boots to protect them from the dirt. You can easily pull them off when you come home!

2. Prevent shedding

The dog’s loose fur might seem like a minor problem compared to drool stains and muddy paws but over time they can become quite problematic. Keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny by watching their diet and frequently grooming them.

Invest in a good lint roller; they’re not only useful in getting the fur and hair off your clothes and furniture, but they also help to get fine hair off your dog himself.

3. Frequently clean your dog’s feeding area

You need to put special attention and care into the place where your pup devours his meals. It’s adorable watching a dog dig into his bowl of food, but the fact is that they are completely sloppy eaters.

Clean your puppy’s dog bowl at least once weekly and make sure you use a heavy bowl that isn’t easily flipped or moved so your dog won’t create a mess.

Avoid filling the bowl to its brim and only fill it halfway. Also, make sure to frequently clean and wipe the area even if it seems clean as some invisible drool stains might be around.

4. Air your house out

Fresh air works wonders in affecting the energy and ambiance of your home. Crack a bunch of windows open and let the wind and sun sweep into the corners of your home and naturally deodorize it.

Even in the colder and less sunny days, the blast of fresh air will help with the sense and smell of your home. Your little furry friend will also appreciate it as well.

5. Keep an eye on the couch

Ideally, our pawed buddies aren’t supposed to get on your good furniture but it’s a lot easier said than done, especially if you like cuddling on the sofa.

Invest in a sofa cover or a throw that is washable so you can throw it in the washing machine if your friend ever has an accident. Make sure to choose the right material and color.

Ideally, your sofa covering should be from a tightly woven material that doesn’t catch your furry friend’s hair or nails. It should also be a darker shade that doesn’t show stains easily.

Keeping a dog in your house comes with a lot of responsibilities and keeping your house clean might be one of the most challenging parts. However, your home might not be exactly cleaner with your furry friend but it’s a lot happier!

Comment below about the biggest mess your furry friend has ever made and share this article with someone who’s struggling with a messy dog.

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