4 Pet Friendly Hotels In Dubai That You Don’t Want To Miss!

4 Pet Friendly Hotels In Dubai That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Let’s face it; we want to take our furry friends with us everywhere we go. If they had a pet-friendly workplace, then maybe going to work wouldn’t have been so dreadful. So does pet friendly hotels.

When it comes to staycations, a lot of pet owners feel anxious about leaving their furry friends behind. Despite the various options of pet hotels and daycares, it’s still not the same as having your pet in arm’s reach.

Luckily, if you are traveling within UAE, you’ll find a lot of pet friendly hotels that don’t mind your pet tagging along with you.

Here are some pet friendly hotels you don’t want to miss if you’re in Dubai, so pack your dry food and chew toys because you and your buddy are going on a staycation!

Pet Friendly Hotels in Dubai

1. Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

In the entrance of Dubai Downtown, the Hotel Indigo’s building stands with its fresh design and incredible service. People who stay at the Hotel Indigo get to try a very unique experience with a refreshing atmosphere.

The Pet Policy doesn’t just end at allowing your friend to stay, but they also go out of their way to make sure all their two-legged and four-legged guests are most comfortable and happy.

The staff is always so happy to see the furry friend you tagged along with on your visit and they double-check that you’re both enjoying your stay. They might even suggest to you some nearby pet-friendly cafés and restaurants for both you and your pet to enjoy.

Find out more about the hotel’s pet policy here.

2. VIDA Emirates Hills

At Emirates Hills, this upscale hotel perfectly fits in the tranquil and luxurious neighborhood.

Not only will your pet definitely find amusement in the floor-to-ceiling windows with the golf course views, but there are also pet-friendly public spaces for your pet to wander around (on a leash of course).

You and your best friend will definitely enjoy the unique ambiance that this hotel provides and you won’t have to worry about forgetting bowls or toys as the hotel has an abundance of them.

You can clean up after your pet on your own or you can leave it up to the hotel’s pet cleaning services for a small fee.

Rest assured that you and your pet will definitely enjoy staying in the VIDA hotel.
Find out more about this hotel and its pet-friendly rooms here.

3. Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis

This trendy hotel with its modern edgy décor and its friendly and helpful staff is the perfect place for you and your pet’s staycation.

Once you walk into the room, you’ll find your pet’s bed and bowl set up to make sure both of you can relax and enjoy your time there.

While your pet might not be impressed with the artwork that covers the walls floor to ceiling and the contemporary designed rooms, your furry friend will definitely appreciate being able to tag along with you to the Terrace so you don’t have to leave them in the room all day long.

You can tag your pet along and also choose a dish from the pet menu which is served at the hotel.

Find out more

4. BM Beach Resort

With its pet-friendly room and pet-friendly beaches, this hotel in Ras Al Khaimah offers your furry friend a wonderful staycation. Kick back and enjoy the tropical gardens, sea, and sand that contribute to an unforgettable and relaxing stay.

The sweet and friendly staff will be excited to see you have a furry friend joining you on your staycation and they’ll welcome him to the different beaches and areas where you can have numerous playtime sessions or even a splash in the sea.

Learn more about what this hotel has to offer here.

You can find out more about all the pet friendly places in UAE here in our directory list to make sure you’re all set for your stay in Dubai.

Let us know in the comments which of the pet friendly hotels suits your style the most!

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