Why You Should Have a Dog Lick Mat

Why You Should Have a Dog Lick Mat

Dog Lick Mat is a rubbery puzzle that comes in many different sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns it is more than a toy and you can smear food onto it for your dog’s benefit. Sometimes it can become not only a mat but as a small plate or a shallow bowl.

Benefits of dog lick mat

Act of licking

Your dogs experience the endorphins that licking sets off in their brain. Afterward, they are always calmer.


It’s easier to do chores, errands, and groceries as the lick mat keeps your dog busy and distracted.


By adding a lick mat to the mix, the pups get occupied licking up the yummies making grooming easier. It’s able to offer some positive reinforcement.

Mental stimulation

Bolsters relationship with your pups, as it boosts their listening skills.

Oral health

Grooves and brittles scrape the tongue, remove bacteria, and keep saliva producing and massaging the gums keeping the teeth clean.

Can you imagine eating the same kibble every meal, every day of your life?

To have more varieties with the goodies you spread on your lick mat, here are some of the recipes you can make:

  • Low-fat wet dog food with frozen carrots and green beans for crunch
  • Greek yogurt, apple cubes, and blueberries2
  • Steamed sweet potato and honey

Lick mats are easy to clean with a spray-head nozzle or via a nice, warm, soapy soak.

Some dog Lick Mat options from Amazon

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HUSUKU Dog Lick Pad

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