8 Best Dog Leash You Should Have

8 Best Dog Leash You Should Have

Leashes are an important piece of equipment that can both keep your dog safe and assist you while training. Finding the best dog leash is an important task as they can be used to stop unwanted behaviors, or help with the recall (coming when called).

Leashes come in a variety of styles, so consider the following before buying one.

The Standard Leash

What you typically picture when thinking about leashes, and it is usually used for the majority of walks. However, each leash will differ; usually between 4-8 feet long and made from nylon, leather, rope, or bioThane.

Choose the length of your leash based on how much you want to let your dog roam and how safe you want them to be. It should still allow some leniency, but not enough to allow it too far away.

The material you choose will depend on personal preference; weight, durability, and aesthetics are all important.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of different materials?

1. Nylon Dog Leash

Pros: A very lightweight, easy to handle, comes in various designs and colors, can be easily washed, and doubles as a dragline for training is inexpensive.

Cons: Weighs more when wet, wears down quickly

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2. Leather Dog Leash

Pros: Durable, stylish, and water-resistant

Cons: Needs to be oiled and cleaned regularly to maintain condition

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3. Rope Dog Leash

Pros: easy to maintain, Strong and durable

Cons: Versions like Cotton and nylon absorbs water, generally heavier, some are stiff/bulky.

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 4. Biothane Leash

Pros: Very easy to clean, Strong, lightweight, smooth finish, and waterproof

Cons: Others can be stiff or bulky.

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5. The Double Handled Leash

This leash has an extra handle near the clasp. If you’re having a hard time managing your dog, just swipe them closer to you and enquire what’s wrong with them.

Be careful, as it is heavier and bulkier than a standard leash, so take caution around things that could entangle the handle.

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6. The Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes give you the option of a short leash or a long leash depending on the situation. The leash retracts automatically when your dog is near you and extends as your dog pulls away from you.

You also have the option to lock the leash at one length with the click of a button for easy use. Although retractable leashes are convenient, they also come with some drawbacks.

Some things to consider before buying this type: 

  • This type of leash extends as your dog pulls, rewarding them. It lets them get what they want as they pull you closer.
  • The handle is bulky and heavy.
  • The leash is made of a thin rope. This safety measure prevents injuries like finger amputation or burns, and other injuries if the leash reaches the end of your dog too quickly.
  • Dogs are easier to control when they are near their owners.

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7. The Adjustable Leash

More adjustable leashes are becoming widely available. They can be adjusted in a variety of ways, most commonly to be used as:

  • Standard leash in which you can adjust the length.
  • Hands-free leash that can be strapped over your shoulder or around your waist.
  • Leash that can be clipped simultaneously to front and back attachments of a harness.
  • Allows you to walk two dogs using the same leash.
  • Leash with a convenient way of briefly tethering your dog to a stable object.

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8. The Long Line Leash

Very long lines are long leashes that are not meant for moderately-sized neighborhoods. These leashes have a range of 10-50ft and are made of nylon cord, nylon tape, or bioThane.

Long dog leashes are primarily used to train dogs, such as teaching them how to swim, obey a command from a far distance, or when you need to recall them.

It takes a little practice before associating the leash for it to be tangle-free. When using long lines in public areas, pick an area with plenty of space where there is no risk of harming others nearby

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So, which leash would you choose?

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