Sharjah Cats and Dogs Shelter

Sharjah Cats and Dogs Shelter

Animal shelters are a place for stray dogs and cats to find new homes, also providing information about the animal’s background and personality to potential adopters. 

For our furry friends, time is of the essence. Thanks to His Royal Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qassimi member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Sharjah, the Sharjah Cats and Dogs Shelter was made possible.

Sharjah Cats and Dogs shelter promotes TNR programs, accepts surrendered or stray animals, and accommodates complaints of residents in the emirates. From time to time they also hold adoption days for cats and dogs to find their forever homes.

Procedure for Handing over Stray Cats and Dogs to the Shelter

  • The Shelter’s team receives the animal after ensuring availability of spaces.
  • All documents related to giving up the cat/dog relieving the Shelter from any responsibility are signed.
  • After receiving cat/dog, the veterinary section conducts the necessary checks for the animal, in addition to vaccination, castration/neutering, and preparation for the adoption stage

If you have any inquiries or complaints, you can contact them on 06 545 3054 or 056 329 96 69 and drop them an e-mail on [email protected].

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