5 Pet Taxi Services in Dubai

5 Pet Taxi Services in Dubai

Let’s face it, going around with your pets is not too easy if you don’t have a car.

Luckily pet taxis are now available in UAE. This service is perfect for those who travel often or for those who have an animal that requires special care from time to time and requires to do many trips back and forth, then this might be worth looking into!

Here are some that we would recommend:

  1. Pet Love – http://petlove.ae/pet-taxi/
  2. Modern Vet – https://modernvet.com/
  3. Snoopy Pets – https://www.snoopypets.com/
  4. Happy On Board – https://www.happyonboard.com/
  5. Pet Station – https://www.petstationgroup.com/

No matter the time of day, your pets can now travel even if you are not around.

Let us know your experience.

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