Noisy Pets Could Land You a Fine of AED 500!

Noisy Pets Could Land You a Fine of AED 500!

Does your pet cry when you leave the house or make noises when they hear someone at the door? Did you know that you could get yourself a fine for noisy pets?

Property Developer, Emaar has issued a notice to residents in Dubai Hills. The notice reminds residents of the pet guidelines and regulations to be followed.

Announcing that pet owners will be fined if their pets are found to be loud and noisy along with other guidelines to be followed such as 

  • Pet owners found in breach of the rules will be sent an official warning, and if they are not able to control their noisy pets can be faced with a fine of AED 500
  • Pick up pets’ waste, put it in designated bins and keep dogs on a leash.

As per Dubai Municipality guidelines, residents were also warned not to feed stray cats in the neighbourhood. Those found doing so may be referred to the authorities for further action.

The notice promotes to follow the pet guidelines, promoting a pleasant living experience for all residents.

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