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Help the pet community and win free pet supplies!

As your pet guide in the UAE, we at Pet With It also want to reward you for using our website and sharing your opinion with other pet owners. 

Find out more about this concept on this blog!

What is Paw Points?


Pet With It Paw Points is our contributor program that recognizes you for every interaction on our website. Think of it as your pet community’s way of saying thanks for helping pet owners make better decisions. 

Every interaction counts, so it’s important that you don’t forget to register!

Get Involved


Simply writing a review of providers that you’ve already tried and tested on our site earn you paw points along with signing up, writing a question on our forum and answering one as well. Add your honest opinion, and help other pet owners find their new favourite provider.

How do I receive points?


Every time you contribute to Pet With It, you receive Paw Points. Here’s a list of what you can contribute, and how much it’s worth.

5 Points = Sign Up

2 Points = Write a Review

5 Points = Ask a question on our Forum

2 Points = Answer a question on our Forum

What do I do with my points?


Every 100 points = AED 100 worth of giveaway. It could be vet vouchers, pet accessories, pet food, or free grooming sessions. The more points you earn, the more freebies you can get.

Simply go to the provider page of the business you’ve been to and click on “Write Review” – to write your honest opinion.

Sign up on our website today and let’s get reviewing!

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How do I write a review?

  1. Log in or sign up for a new account.
  2. Search for a service provider you have used before (Vet, pet store, etc.)
  3. Click on “Write a review”.