Meet Bear, a Border Collie knows all his 52 toys by name

Meet Bear, a Border Collie knows all his 52 toys by name

This border collie Bear has been trained to recognize and fetch 52 different toys by name on command, earning him a massive following on social media. 

Clever Border Collie Bear

Bear’s owner, a woman from North Carolina, has been training him since he was a puppy and has documented his progress online. 

With his impressive toy collection and ability to fetch each one with lightning speed and accuracy, Bear is sure to astound you. Read on to discover more about this canine prodigy and the hard work and dedication that went into his training

In the clip filmed in January, Bear’s owner, Ms. Gloss, asks her pet, “We’re going to do your toys, aren’t we? Where’s your dinosaur?” Bear quickly surveys the toys spread out on the floor and, with excitement, selects the dinosaur and brings it to his owner.

As the memory demonstration continues, Bear successfully identifies the names of various toys including a pig, camel, snake, lobster, crocodile, dachshund, and a walrus. Ms. Gloss then praises him, saying “Bear, high five, good boy!

His owner has documented his journey on social media. Bear can quickly and accurately fetch any of the toys in his collection on command, earning him admiration and comparisons to a dog with superpowers.

His owner emphasizes that Bear’s talent is the result of hard work and dedication, and she encourages others who are interested in training their dogs to start with a few toys and gradually increase the number. 

Bear’s remarkable ability is a testament to the amazing potential of dogs when given proper training and attention

As per the daily mail a study involving 42 dogs, published in Biology Letters, revealed that dogs have the ability to differentiate between various accents, ranging from the Queen’s English to the distinctive West Country twang. During the experiment, four different people were recorded saying the same word followed by a slightly different word. The researchers observed that the dogs reacted strongly when the word changed, turning their head sharply and looking at the source of the voice for a longer period, indicating they were aware that the sound was different from the others.

According to Dr. Holly Root-Gutteridge, the lead author of the study from the University of Sussex, “These results show that dogs have more advanced language skills than we give them credit for, and I actually know dogs that can respond to 75 different commands.” She explains that dogs likely developed the ability to distinguish between barks of other dogs in order to gauge their size, and then started paying attention to human language after being domesticated

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