Our dog Pushkin walked out of our house in Jumeirah Islands, Cluster44, Villa 2 on 13.01.22 at 11am. Go Groom It is a Mobile Grooming app that can be used quickly and easily to book grooming appointments, at your front door. The Go Groom It app offers a full line of mobile spa services for most dogs and cats. We come right to your home with our Advanced Mobile Grooming vehicle to ensure your pet will enjoy a pleasant and safe experience while in our care. Our grooming providers are entirely self-reliant, requiring no use of water or power from our clients. For more information download this app. Go Groom It is the first on demand platform connecting pet owners and pet groomers. The need for home-based grooming services is steadily increasing driven by socio-demographic trends (single households, urbanization, busy, lifestyles, convenience) Go Groom It brings together pet owners and qualified groomers to safely and conveniently schedule same-day, in-home grooming appointments.

Date: 08 January 2022, Saturday
Time: 11 AM – 3 PM
Venue: Pets Kingdom, Al Quoz

New year, same hustle forever and always💪🐶

Let’s give our dogs forever homes this year and help our rescues know that there is hope after all

Our adoption days are BACK!!

Come along on Saturday and meet Des & Troy who are searching for their forever homes

In today’s fast lifestyle, it is hard to find the time to look after your own dietary needs let alone your pets. Even finding the right activity to keep us active and dedicated at the same time is very challenging. That’s where Trio Pet Care comes in with our quality range of toys, treats packages, and dedicated staff to grow you’re bond bigger than ever and make it fun at the same time. Who says being active can’t be fun? Unfortunately, our pets can’t talk, if they could they’d probably ask us to change their food range so now and again to keep it interesting. Our enjoyment comes in designing your pets’ diet to not only keep them healthy but also to give them tasty food that helps keep away general diseases, improves their skin, and brightens their furry coats. Switching from wet food to dry and back again is great as both have their benefits. A simple diet can make your friend feel happier and healthier than they’ve ever felt before while keeping them guessing as to what is next on the dinner table. All your pet needs, one destination! 🐶🐈🐕 Check out our exclusive Surprise Box & Pawsome box ranges today!
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