If your family is ready to welcome a pet into your home, why not adopt, and give a dog, cat, or bird a second chance at a happy life? At Cloud 9 we often have a selection of pets looking for their forever home, including puppies and kittens as well as mature dogs and cats.

When you choose a Cloud9 pet for rehoming, you can feel confident that your new pet has been vaccinated, neutered, wormed, and microchipped, and is ready to start its new life with your family.

We rescue strays & abandoned pets,feed,treat, neuter/spay & find them loving homes. Little Angels runs by a group of Emaratis
We rescue from all over United Arab Emirates and provide a second chance in life for the animals in need.

This adorable little 7 weeks old Bich Poo puppy is playful and friendly and well socialized! He will be a great little friend to you.

Nine Lives is a small team of all-volunteer rescuers. We have grown to become the biggest cat adoption service in the UAE, with many beautiful rescued cats and kittens ready for ‘forever’ homes.

Did you know that few abandoned pets can survive long in the UAE, especially in the summer desert heat? They don’t have the survival skills of animals born feral.

To reduce costs, 100% of our pets stay in volunteers’ and foster carers’ homes.

Al Mayya k9 Adoption UAE is based in Fujairah. An organization that focuses on saving and re-homing dogs that are in need of a new start in life.

We take in dogs of all ages from anywhere around the world, from pure to crossbreeds.

We are committed to spending time with the dogs, getting to know them, and making sure they are healthy before finding them suitable homes for life.

By re-homing one of the dogs not only are we able to help that dog but it also creates space to save others.

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