In today’s fast lifestyle, it is hard to find the time to look after your own dietary needs let alone your pets. Even finding the right activity to keep us active and dedicated at the same time is very challenging. That’s where Trio Pet Care comes in with our quality range of toys, treats packages, and dedicated staff to grow you’re bond bigger than ever and make it fun at the same time. Who says being active can’t be fun? Unfortunately, our pets can’t talk, if they could they’d probably ask us to change their food range so now and again to keep it interesting. Our enjoyment comes in designing your pets’ diet to not only keep them healthy but also to give them tasty food that helps keep away general diseases, improves their skin, and brightens their furry coats. Switching from wet food to dry and back again is great as both have their benefits. A simple diet can make your friend feel happier and healthier than they’ve ever felt before while keeping them guessing as to what is next on the dinner table. All your pet needs, one destination! 🐶🐈🐕 Check out our exclusive Surprise Box & Pawsome box ranges today!

We are compassionate animal lovers who take care of your fur-friends in the right way.

Pamper your beloved pets with our countless products and services and give them the affection they deserve.

We stand strong in support to rescue homeless pets

Paws and Relax is an Irish-owned pet shops and run retail store that first opened its doors in 2018. On September 12th, 2018, we launched our pet supplies in Mudon Community Centre in Mudon, delivering pet supply retail and grooming services to the neighboring communities. Paws & Relax appreciate the importance of quality and convenient service as pet owners. Dubai is a very busy city, so we realize the need of making our service as user-friendly as possible.

Pet With It is the UAE`s ultimate pet guide.

We are providing the best Pet Grooming services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ajman. We are also providing pet grooming taxi services. So, if you have no time and busy in your work then you can just call us and our pet taxi will pick and drop your pets. Contact us today for more details.
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