The Vet Centre is part of Emirates Park Zoo and hosts The Pet Hotel, Dog and cat boarding centers.

Offering a safe, flexible and affordable pet sitting service. Certified pet sitter, boarding, home visits, dog walking, pet taxi, volunteering and animal rescue.

There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a pet. They show you affection, give you a sense of purpose, and greet you every day when you come home.

We have a high-end grooming salon that provides a relaxing environment for your Pets and their owners. The facilities are clean, modern, and safe for pets. Each pet is handled by expert groomers who treat each pet like it’s their own. The welfare of the pet is the priority of TAILS OF JOY!!

We offer a safe, relaxing, and welcoming environment. Our staff can handle all temperaments and breeds.

We offer various services for clients to choose from. All of which are performed by extensively trained and experienced groomers. A full groom includes bathing & drying, fluff blow-dry, nail clipping, ear cleaning, hygiene trimming, pad clipping, and a styled cut and clip.

Let us contribute to the care of your pet by providing the proper and premium grooming, food, love, fun, that your pet needs to maintain healthy, happy, and look their best.

Pets are an essential part of many people’s lives, When treated with love and affection, they respond by being constant companions who are always ready to return the affection they are shown.

We at Brownie Pet Shop are here to provide your pets with excellent grooming services, food products & accessories. We are here for them & you because they deserve to be pampered for the unconditional love they shower us with everyday!
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