Family Reunited with Missing Dog After Nearly Six Years

Family Reunited with Missing Dog After Nearly Six Years

A family in Rayton, Missouri was overjoyed to be reunited with their missing dog Little Buddy, a Jack Russell Terrier mix, after he went missing for nearly six years.

Little Buddy was adopted by Brian Gilpatrick from a rescue in 2017, but disappeared from their home a few years later. Despite the years that passed, the family never gave up hope of finding their beloved pet.

Family Reunited with missing Dog After Nearly Six Years

Recently, Raytown animal control picked up a stray dog and brought him to Midwest Animal Rescue, where they discovered that the dog had a microchip. The rescue was shocked to find that Little Buddy had been missing for over five years and quickly reached out to his owners to arrange a reunion.

Little Buddy’s Reunion with His Family: A Reminder to Never Give Up Hope

“To be able to have a happy ending like this makes all the difference in the world,” said Erin Morse of Midwest Animal Rescue. It’s unclear where Little Buddy has been during his time away, but the rescue stated that he appeared to be well-cared for.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of getting your pets microchipped. It was the microchip that led to Little Buddy’s reunion with his family and many others like it. Gilpatrick stated, “Just never would have expected after this many years that that microchip would lead to Little Buddy coming home.”

Let this heartwarming story inspire you to ensure that your pets have a microchip and can be reunited with you if they ever go missing

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