Doggie Adventures in Dubai's Favorite Summer Place

Doggie Adventures in Dubai’s Favorite Summer Place

Scorching hot outside isn’t it?

We had a sit-down with the lovely Yvonne from Doggie Adventures in Dubai, and she told us about her favorite indoor dog friendly summer place in Dubai that’s a must-visit for all pet owners as they welcome pets of all sizes.

“Summer is here, and I think I speak for all the dog owners in Dubai if I say I prefer the winter months”

We all know what it’s like, taking the dogs out for a long walk early in the morning and later in the evening when it’s not too hot for their paws to be going around outdoors.

“Days outside are what we love the most, but not during summer”

If you have seen my page Doggie Adventures in Dubai, you’ll know how much I love going out with my dog Boefje. I love to spend time with her on my days off and go to restaurants, parks, and beaches. But we also visit events, activities and even go on staycations. But in summer, we stay inside.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you that there are a few indoor dog-friendly places.
One of my favorites is Kave, an upcycled cafe in Alserkal Avenue where they support a lifestyle that is good for you, the environment, and the community.

They organize several creative workshops and events at Kave but they also created a great place with a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy your time with your dog while enjoying some nice food and drinks.

Dogs of all sizes are welcome and most of the time they get spoiled with cuddles. Their cafe offers an inviting menu with all sorts of vegan and vegetarian items.

Kave is a must-visit this summer, especially if you haven’t been there yet. Now that’s another day planned out with a new place to visit this summer.

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