Dog Lick Mat

Dog Lick Mat

DOG Lick Mat is more than just a toy.

You can use it as a plate or shallow bowl.

A rubbery puzzle I can smear food onto that comes in many different sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns. My dogs love your treats and you keep them busy!

The best part? It helps with our doggos oral health too! As a person with braces, it can 


Dogs experience the endorphins that licking sets off in their brain which makes them always calmer

You can buy one from Amazon here.


Dog lick mats can keep your dog busy and entertained for hours instead of finishing his meal in a minute. Here is another type of dog snuffle mat that you can buy from Amazon


Being able to offer some positive reinforcement as your doggos get occupied licking up the yummies. Grooming can get easier!



A natural Dentist! The grooves and brittles scrape the tongue, which removes bacteria and keeps saliva producing and massaging the gums. 

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