Dog Group Training Classes in Dubai

Dog Group Training Classes in Dubai

Being the furbabies that they are, does not mean training classes aren’t necessary!

All the more, it’s exciting how these dog training and classes help develop their habits and routines.

Keeping our furballs under control not only helps to prevent them from becoming involved in hazardous/dangerous situations, but it also strengthens the bond between us and them.

Here are a few where you can get em’ signed up for dog group training classes in Dubai:

Tail Waggin

DOG GROUP TRAINING IS BENEFICIAL as you’re training them for real-life situations.

Training will be practiced indoors, and meet at different outdoor locations, later on, to practice their behavior in real-life situations; with cars, other people, and dogs.

We are the Best Trainer for our Dog

​We’re getting trained to train our dog. How cool is that? It’s like you’re hiring a trainer to coach you.
The more skills we gain as our dog’s trainer, the better we will be able to help them understand what we are trying to teach them.

We can train our dogs at home but training them for real-life situations is different and important.

This will make it easier for us to control them both at home and in public, and will further build the bond.
By making sure to practice the exercises in a variety of places, at different times of the day, both indoors and outdoors, we will be able to help our dog begin generalizing every cue to different locations.

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Paw Pals

Dog Training Services include:

Group Classes

Group Classes are the perfect program to train your dog for Basic Obedience while teaching him/her Impulse Control in an environment full of distractions.
Our Group Classes are designed for you to progress at your own pace and to have fun in the process.

Private Training for 1hr, 1.5hrs or 5x5hour sessions

Private Classes are tailor-made for your needs and timings this is the program to choose if you are having problems at home or if our Group Classes Schedule doesn’t work for you.

Enrichment Sessions

Enrichment sessions will teach your dog to enjoy being alone, avoid boredom or simply learn how can you improve his/her life by introducing games and activities that will make your dog develop problem solve skills and create a better life quality in general.

Pet Dog Ambassador Program

The Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) is a program for dog owners to test their knowledge, skills, and ability to manage their canine companions in real-life settings. It aims to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that owners and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable and recognizes these efforts from a puppy’s very early training. The program aims to encourage owners to continue training and developing new skills, abilities, and knowledge. Our trainer is credited for both instructing and assessing this program.

Responsible Dog Owners Course

The Responsible Owners Course is an online course. You get access to the Facebook learning group where you have 12 units about how to behave outdoors with your dog to be a good owner and to respect others. This is an interactive learning course where you study at your own pace and have the added bonus of being able to have open discussions with others on the course.

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