5 Christmas Gifts for your Dogs

5 Christmas Gifts for your Dogs

Pets are like family, and they deserve the same love and consideration as humans. That’s why we created this list of gift ideas for your pets.

With these gift ideas, you won’t leave your pup out in the cold when you see them smiling at you on Christmas day with their tails wagging!

1. Christmas Gift Box from Howl and Growl

Howl & Growl has the perfect gift box with collar, lead, bandana, and your dog’s favourite treats that’s perfect for your furry buddies. 

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2. Festive Grooming from Shampooch

Shampooch wishes all your pooches a Feliz Navidog. Book in for your Xmas grooming session and get your complimentary festive bandanas as their gift to you.

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3. Gift Ideas from Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer everyone’s go-to department store has got you covered with gift items for your furry buddies from toys, pet apparel and pet necessities.

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4. Customised Tags from your favorite Pet Stores

Tags will never go out of fashion, plus it comes in as a cute accessory and an identification for your pets in case they go wandering around.

5. Pet Portraits

Creating beautiful photographs to delight your heart with everlasting memories, what better gift is there than to capture those moments and hang them up for you and your furry buddies to admire.

Pet Portraits by Annette Nel

We hope this makes it easier for you to find the perfect Christmas gift for your buddies and don’t wait until the last minute to make the perfect stocking stuffer!

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