What you need to know: Cat Adoption and Shelters

What you need to know: Cat Adoption and Shelters

The number of stray cats in Dubai is increasing for the last few years and we wanted to shed some light on the importance of cat adoption and shelters that offer foster and adoption for stray cats in Dubai

Saving a life is important, so it’s important to know what to do with the hundreds of stray cats in Dubai. If you have found a stray or your neighbor has found one, the first thing that you should do is watch them for a few minutes before as they will likely find its own way home, but if you feel like they are lost or abandoned you can bring them to one of the vets and check if they are microchipped to track down their owners.

In Dubai, there are lots of stray cats roaming the streets. This has led to a spike in fatal accidents involving cats per year. The most important thing to do with these strays is adopt them so that they can have a home where they belong, which will also help decrease the number of animals who get hurt and die each year from getting hit by cars or being poisoned. TNR or Trap-Neuter-Release operations also helps in curbing the number of stray cats.

Shelters for Cat Adoption

Cat Adoption Process

The cat adoption process in Dubai varies from shelter to shelter, but below is a guide on the typical process and requirements

  • Fill up an application form
  • Provide documents such as tenancy contract, wherein it is clearly stated that pets are allowed in where you live
  • Based on the form that you fill and requirements submitted, the shelter will match you up with a pet and invite you to meet your furry buddy.
  • Once everything is all approved, you will need to pay the fees and sign on the agreement.
  • Vaccinations, microchip, neuter/spay process will done
  • A trial period of 7 days is usually set in place for you and your new furry buddy

Most of the shelters are under-resourced and can barely make ends meet to provide for the huge number of cats. You can help by adopting a one, or by donating money to these shelters that need more funding to provide better care for these animals and also support in their TNR projects.

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