Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Dogs are loved all over the world, but many dogs suffer from bad breath. You might love kissing your dog and getting licks in return, but you don’t have to miss out on that blissful moment.  Here are some ideas for dog treats for bad breath you can give your best friend that will help fix their bad breath problem.

What is dog breath?

Dog breath is unpleasant, and many factors can contribute to this, including but not limited to:

  • Teeth Bacteria – A dog has bacteria on their teeth that is usually given off by the film of plaque on them.
  • Dental diseases – Diseases, including gingivitis, canine periodontitis, and halitosis are linked to bad breath in pups.
  • Swollen gums – Sometimes bacteria in your dog’s mouth can lead to swelling of the gums and other side effects.
  • Imbalanced diet – Imbalanced oral and gut microbiomes can lead to a case of severe hyposmia.
  • Health conditions – Bad dog breath is often a sign of diabetes.

How to stop your dog’s bad breath:

If your dog has bad breath, it could be an indication that there is a disease or some worse ailment. A vast majority of dog owners with pets over the age of three encounter mouth-related diseases like periodontal disease.

One of the reasons dogs may have bad breath is because they accumulate bacteria on their teeth and gums when they eat. You can mitigate bad breath by brushing your dog’s teeth and feeding them treats that are made to combat this condition.

Dog treats to help alleviate dog breath

Dog treats are good for your dog and can help with their breath. You can use these treats to make sure they get more love from you. They will also make it easier to take them to the vet, as it is hard to get cats to swallow pills.

Treats that help alleviates dog breath are treats that are infused with dog breath medicine. This type of medicine can help reduce or eliminate bad-smelling dog breath and additionally, provide various other benefits such as vitamins & nutrients your pup needs. Here are some of the best products for reducing dog breath:


Crushed carrots can be a healthy way to deal with plaque and tartar. Tooth-rattling, chewy carrot dog treats are also an option if your pet enjoys them enough.

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Merrick Fresh Kisses

A popular over-the-shelf product to help dogs with their dental health is Merrick Fresh Kisses. It contains pea starch, gum arabic, coconut oil, and many other healthy ingredients. Eating these improve dental health and give them better breath like the Mint Chewing Gums for Dogs.

If your dog’s breath smells bad, your vet may be able to identify an allergy without you having to buy a pack of Fresh Kisses. This makes it easier for you to figure out whether this product is right for your pup.

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OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews are a great alternative for those looking for an item that has been thoroughly tested. You should select the product matching your dog’s actual weight.

These chews are safe for dental health, contain a plaque-reducing agent, and have been approved by the Vet Oral Health Council.

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Denta Stix

Dental sticks are longer to chew than regular treats but can work to remove plaque and tartar. They may also include ingredients like baking soda or parsley seed that help freshen breath. Owners who don’t want to smell bad doggy breath love these!

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K9 Granola Factory Coconut Crunchers Dog Treat

Coconut oil is very strong and can upset your dog’s stomach if eaten too much. However, in smaller quantities, it can improve their breath and give them healthier skin. I recommend making other types of dog treats that are mentioned on this list and adding a little coconut oil to have more effect.

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Keep your dog’s bad breath at bay by providing the best oral health care. The dental treats will clean the teeth and gums, eliminating the source of the bad breath.

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