4 Outdoor Pet Friendly Places in Dubai you must visit

4 Outdoor Pet Friendly Places in Dubai you must visit

Our pets can be great workout buddies and the most excellent motivators to get us off our couch. Pets, especially dogs, are generally high-energy creatures, and getting enough exercise is crucial to keep your pet healthy and happy so why not do it together in one of the outdoor pet friendly places in Dubai

If you’re currently in UAE, here’s a bunch of adventures you and your furry friend can embark on while enjoying your time together and getting your bodies moving.

Outdoor Pet Friendly Places in Dubai

1. Bianky Beach Camp

This hidden oasis is located on Al Zorah Beach and provides its visitors a very unique experience. It combines both a laid back and party atmosphere with multiple options including camping, swimming pools, beach bars, and restaurants.

This is one of the few beaches in Dubai that allow you to take your pet with you and enjoy your time together. Whether you’re taking your dog for a swim or a walk, Bianky Beach Camp is a great place to go.

Find out more about Bianky Beach Camp here.

2. The Starlight Camp

If you’re looking for a spiritual experience where you can feel closes to nature, then The Starlight Camp is your place to go. This place is perfect to disconnect and gaze at the shimmering stars above you.

It’s located in the Arabian Desert, around 45 minutes from Dubai Airport but even though it’s in the middle of nowhere, you will find everything you need for you and your pet.

Find out more about The Starlight Camp here so you and your furry friend can get in touch with nature.

3. Wadi Shawka

If you and your pet want to take your time outside to the next level and make things a little bit more interesting, why don’t you go to Wadi Shawka?

Take advantage of Ras Al-Khaimah’s great weather and go on a hike with your little friend. If you don’t feel like hiking, there are also some superb walking trails around it for a less strenuous exercise.

The quiet and cool mountain atmosphere in the middle of the mountains is a genuine experience of serenity that is hard to find anywhere else.
So what are you waiting for? Learn more about Wadi Shawka now.

4. Hatta Kayak

Want to take your furry friend on a unique and different experience? Why not visit the Hatta Kayak? It’s a vast lake that’s hugged by the surrounding mountain peaks and welcomes your furry friend as well.

You can rent kayaks, pedal boats, water bikes, or electric boats for you and your pawed buddy to enjoy all day.

Take your little friend for a beautiful paddling or kayaking experience in the early morning or to watch the sunset, the whole experience and the serenity of the atmosphere will earn you some decent tail wagging.

Find out more about Hatta Kayak here!

UAE has definitely become a pet-friendly country that accommodates pet owners’ different tastes in their leisure time. Whether you’re a city-loving person who likes coffee shops and restaurants or a nature-loving fitness enthusiast, UAE will definitely have something for you and your furry friend to enjoy.

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