10 Signs that You are a Typical Dog Owner

10 Signs that You are a Typical Dog Owner

As dog owner, we have accepted that we can’t keep surfaces nice and clean. And we also don’t blame our dogs for the mess they’ve made. After all, they’re just unbelievably adorable.

We are your parents, your friends, your doctors, your personal assistants, chefs and military sergeants.

Whether you enjoy having a dog around the house because of his personality or because he does different things from day to day, it’s undeniable that being a pet owner is exciting. With each new day comes a whole new story.

Dogs can be a lot of work, but they’re also some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

10 Signs that You are a Typical Dog Owner

  1. You know that your sleep schedule will never be the same after getting a dog. They say some of the funniest things at three in the morning and then it’s hard for you to get back to sleep.
  1. In a dog’s world, there’s no such thing as personal space. If your house is big enough, your dog might see it as his responsibility to make sure every square inch is covered.
  1. Dogs have an innate capability to take on guilty looks when they’ve done something wrong.
  1. Why is it that so many dogs are drawn to the toilet? Maybe you think its because the water in a toilet bowl tastes better than your clean, fresh water?
  1. When it comes to driving, there are two schools of thought. Some people prefer the comfort of a car seat and don’t want to get out too much. Others are okay with being more flexible and squirming around in order to have some mobility.
  1. You know you can’t go on a walk forever? It’s time for your dog to do something else. To guilt you into it, your pooch starts giving you a look of utter boredom.
  1. What every owner and their dog’s friendship agreement: If you don’t like dogs, we can’t be friends.
  1. This may be obvious, but when your dog lets one rip and you see your life flash before your eyes.
  1. One of the cutest things about dogs is when they get really into a dream and start “dream-running.”
  1. When it’s time to take your dog to the vet and you can’t apologise enough to your canine. Your dog becomes very insecure after the vet visit, which might lead to a dramatic scene.

One of the positive changes that you will notice is that it’s hard to stay away from our pets and you can’t stand the thought of anything bad happening to them.

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